Cure Medical Cure Catheter® Female Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter F16 Each

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Remedy Medical F16 Provide safety as well as optimum comfort with the Cure Catheter® Female Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter by Cure Medical. Extremely polished eyes are featured by it. They're Free and latex-free of potentially hazardous DEHP, a substance usually utilized to create plastic-made catheters elastic. DEHP is likewise recognized to bring about reproductive damage or even cancer. Numerous PVC catheters remain using DEHP in the manufacturing processes of theirs but Cure catheters are hundred % totally free of DEHP. Provided with or perhaps without direct conclusion. Sterile. latex free. ten % of all Cure Medical pretax earnings are donated to healthcare research of goal of a remedy for spinal cord injuries and main nervous system problems. French sizes: ten, 14, 12, sixteen. Every, Box of thirty, Case of 300. ten Fr offered by the package or perhaps situation just.

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