Pavoni Pavoflex Black Silicone Mold, Quenelle, 66Mm X 33Mm Across X 30Mm High, 49 Cavities

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Pavoflex Silicone Mold, Tango 66mm x 33mm throughout x 30mm High (2.6 in x 1.3 in throughout x 1.18 inch extremely high) Each cavity thirty two ml (1.08 oz) Overall dimensions of mold 15 3/4 inches x 23 3/4 inches Bakery-oven-size sheet--more Quenelle cavities, much more of Quenelle food item for every single batch Non stick with slick top for quick removal of foods and also small cleaning Pliable for pushing away peeling sheet or pastry product off frozen food product Suitable for spicy and sweet food Safe in convection ovens, fixed ovens and microwaves Resistant In order to cold (40C / 40F) as well as high heat (280C / 536F) To clean up a Pavoflex mildew after using, rinse with water that is hot. In case the mold is filthy, rub with gentle soap as well as smooth sponge (like the fluid sort utilized on dishes). In order to sanitize the mold, leave in oven for 2 minutes from 150C (302F).

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